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photo de Mhamed SouliMhamed SOULI professor
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équipe    — Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides et des Fluides Complexes (LMSFC)
bâtiment et bureau    M6, bureau 12


thème de recherche Formulation and numerical modeling of nonlinear problems


année, auteur(s)
Investigation of Blood Flow Modeling in Artery Using ALE Formulation
2017, Souli Mhamed; Al-Bahkali Essam; Al-Bahkali Thamer; Moatamedi Mojtaba
International Journal of Computational Methods
journal paper     
Lagrangian and ALE Formulations For Soil Structure Coupling with Explosive Detonation
2017, Souli Mhamed; Al-Bahkali Essam Ali; Shahrour Isam; Moatamedi Mojtaba
International Journal of Multiphyscs
journal paper     
Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing in Tanks
2017, Ozdemir Zuhal; Fahjan Yasin M.; Souli Mhamed
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
A new methodology for fuel mass computation of an operating aircraft
2016, Souli Mhamed; Messahel Ramzi; Reynard B.; Sinou P.
International Journal of Multiphysics
journal paper     
Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Formulation for Sloshing Tank Analysis in Nuclear Engineering
2016, Souli Mhamed; Kultsep Alexander V.; Al-Bahkali Essam Ali; Pain Christopher Charles; Moatamedi Mojtaba
Nuclear Science and Engineering
journal paper     
Experimental and Numerical Study of Pressure in a Shock Tube
2016, Khawaja Hassan A; Messahel Ramzi; Ewan Bruce; Souli Mhamed; Moatamedi Mojtaba
Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology
journal paper     
Load bearing enhancement of pin joined composite laminates using electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofiber mats
2016, Herwan J.; Al-Bahkali Essam Ali; Khalil K.A.; Souli Mhamed
Arabian Journal of Chemistry
journal paper     
3D numerical analysis of the thermal effect and dielectric anisotropy on thawing frozen wood using microwave energy
2015, Erchiqui Fouad; Annasabi Z.; Souli Mhamed; Slaoui-Hasnaoui F.
International Journal of Thermal Sciences
journal paper     
Air blast reflecting on a rigid cylinder: simulation and reduced scale experiments
2015, Langlet André; Souli Mhamed; Aquelet Nicolas; Pennetier Olivier; Girault G.
Shock Waves
journal paper     
Characterization of Polymeric Membranes Under Large Deformations Using Fluid-Structure Coupling
2015, Erchiqui Fouad; Souli Mhamed; Kanit Toufik; Imad Abdellatif; Boudlal Abdelaziz; El Moumen Ahmed
International Journal of Applied Mechanics
journal paper