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Roughness Signature of Tribological Contact Calculated by a New Method of Peaks Curvature Radius Estimation on Fractal Surfaces
2013, Bigerelle Maxence; Nianga Jean -Marie; Najjar Denis; Iost Alain; Hubert C.; Kubiak K.J.
Tribology International
journal paper     
Curvature Radius Estimation for a Fractal Surface Application
2012, Bigerelle Maxence; Nianga Jean -Marie; Najjar Denis; Iost Alain
The Third International Conference on Surface Metrology, ICSM2012
conference paper     
A generic statistical methodology to predict the maximum pit depth of a localized corrosion process
2011, Jarrah Adil; Bigerelle Maxence; Guillemot Gildas; Najjar Denis; Iost Alain; Nianga Jean -Marie
Corrosion Science
journal paper     
Analyses of tool machining process by chaos theory,
2011, Bigerelle Maxence; Favergeon F.; Nianga Jean -Marie; Iost Alain
In. Conf. Surveillance 6, UTC,
conference paper     
Model prediction of fatigue crack propagation in base and corroded metal
2011, Marhabi Driss; Iost Alain; Smati M.; Nasri M.; Nianga Jean -Marie
Fatigue Design 2011 Conférence internationale sur la conception vis-à-vis de la fatigue
conference paper     
On the detection of corrosion pit interactions using two-dimensional spectral analysis
2010, Jarrah Adil; Nianga Jean -Marie; Iost Alain; Guillemot Gildas; Najjar Denis
Corrosion Science
journal paper     
Statistique des valeurs extrêmes pour l'estimation de la profondeur maximale en corrosion par piqûres
2010, Jarrah Adil; Guillemot Gildas; Najjar Denis; Iost Alain; Bigerelle Maxence; Nianga Jean -Marie
Matériaux 2010
conference paper     
Extreme Values Models for the estimation of the maximum depth in pitting corrosion : Simulations and experiments
2008, Jarrah Adil; Nianga Jean -Marie; Iost Alain; Guillemot Gildas; Najjar Denis
conference paper     
Some remarks concerning the application of the variation method in the study of fractal curves
2008, Secrieru C.; Nianga Jean -Marie; Iost Alain
Fractal fracture chaotic modeling and simulation international conference
conference paper     
Energy approach of thresholds stresses in multiaxial fatigue under dissymmetrical loading
2007, Mesmacque Gerard; Sersar Mokhtar; Marhabi Driss; Nianga Jean -Marie
Fatigue Design 2007
conference paper