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M. P.E. MAZERAN author - not a laboratory member


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Influence of Roughness on first contact detection error: A novel quantitative model study
2012, Xia Y.; Bigerelle Maxence; Marteau J.; Mazeran P.E.; Bouvier S.; Iost Alain
The Third International Conference on Surface Metrology, ICSM2012
conference paper     
Wavelet theory and belt finishing process, influence of wavelet shape on the surface roughness parameter values
2011, Khawaja Z.; Guillemot Gildas; Mazeran P.E.; El Mansori M.; Bigerelle Maxence
13th international conference on metrology and properties of engineering surfaces
conference paper     
A multi-scale method to determine the spatial scale implicated in adhesion on human cell adhesion on fractal isotropic rought surface
2010, Bigerelle Maxence; Mazeran P.E.; Gong W.; Giljean S.; Anselme Karine
4th international conference on Advanced computational engineering and experimenting
conference paper     
Multiscale comparison of optical and stylus methods for measurments of belt finished surface textures
2010, Jouini N.; Revel P.; Mazeran P.E.; Van Gorp Adrien; El Mansori M.; Bigerelle Maxence
Advances in materials and processing technologies international conferences
conference paper     
Un système expert d’analyse des surfaces en tribology, projet Fondation Cetim
2009, Bigerelle Maxence; Iost Alain; Coorevits Thierry; Zahouani H.; Anselme Karine; El Mansori M.; Najjar Denis; Guillemot Gildas; Hagege Benjamin; Jourani Abdeljalil; Revel P.; Mazeran P.E.; Bounichane Benaamer; Van Gorp Adrien; Hennebelle F.; Gautier A.; Giljean S.
21èmes Journées Internationales Francophones de Tribologie
conference paper