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O. WIPLIER author - not a laboratory member


année, auteur(s)
On the absolute instability in a boundary-layer flow with compliant coatings
2001, Wiplier O.; Ehrenstein Uwe
European Journal Mechanic B - Fluids
journal paper     
Numerical simulation of linear and nonlinear disturbance evolution in a boundary layer with complaint walls
2000, Wiplier O.; Ehrenstein Uwe
Journal of Fluids and Structures
journal paper     
Numerical investigation of the interaction between a compliant coating and an unstable boundary layer
2000, Wiplier O.; Ehrenstein Uwe
7th Int. Conf. on flow-induced vibration
conference paper     
On instabilities in a boundary-layer flow with compliant coatings
2000, Wiplier O.; Ehrenstein Uwe
Coll. EUROMECH 415 ``Shear-flow control``
conference paper