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François HILD author - not a laboratory member


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Analysis of fractured samples with digital volume correlation
2013, Hild François; Buffière Jean-Yves; Gravouil Anthony; Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Roux Stéphane; Ludwig Wolfgang
SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics 2010
conference paper     
Artifact Correction for DVC Measurements Using a Laboratory X-Ray Source
2013, Adrien Jérôme; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Roux Stéphane
Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics
conference paper     
Three-dimensional Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation using X-Ray Tomography, Digital Volume Correlation and Extended Finite Element Simulations
2012, Rethore Julien; Limodin Nathalie; Buffière Jean-Yves; Roux Stéphane; Hild François
Procedia IUTAM
journal paper     
Volume changes in a filled elastomer studied via digital image correlation
2012, De Crevoisier Jordan; Besnard Gilles; Merckel Yannick; Zhang Huan; Vion-Loisel Fabien; Caillard Julien; Berghezan Daniel; Creton Costantino; Diani Julie; Brieu Mathias; Hild François; Roux Stéphane
Polymer Testing
journal paper     
« Radioscopies » d’une fissure de fatigue
2012, Hild François; Roux Stéphane; Baïetto-Dubourg Marie-Christine; Combescure Alain; Gravouil Anthony; Rannou Johann; Rethore Julien; Buffière Jean-Yves; Limodin Nathalie; Ludwig Wolfgang
Instrumentation, Mesure, Métrologie
journal paper     
3D X-ray Microtomography Volume Correlation to Study Fatigue Crack Growth
2011, Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Ludwig Wolfgang; Rannou Johann; Roux Stéphane
Advanced Engineering Materials
journal paper     
Analysis and Artifact Correction for Volume Correlation Measurements Using Tomographic Images from a Laboratory X-ray Source
2011, Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Adrien Jérôme; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Roux Stéphane
Experimental Mechanics
journal paper     
Digital volume correlation analyses of synchrotron tomographic images
2011, Rethore Julien; Limodin Nathalie; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Ludwig Wolfgang; Roux Stéphane
The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design
journal paper     
Influence of closure on the 3D propagation of fatigue cracks in a nodular cast iron investigated by X-ray tomography and 3D volume correlation
2010, Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Roux Stéphane; Ludwig Wolfgang; Rannou Johann; Gravouil Anthony
Acta Materialia
journal paper     
Three dimensional experimental and numerical multiscale analysis of a fatigue crack
2010, Rannou Johann; Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Gravouil Anthony; Ludwig Wolfgang; Baïetto-Dubourg Marie-Christine; Buffière Jean-Yves; Combescure Alain; Hild François; Roux Stéphane
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
journal paper