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Experimental study of sand behaviour at low stresses

type de publication      international communication with published proceedings
date de publication 2003
auteur(s) Lancelot Laurent; Shahrour Isam; Al Mahmoud Marwan
conférence Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials
     lieu Lyon, France
     nom des actes Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium Is Lyon 03
ISBN / ISSN 978-9058096043
résumé In this paper, the study of the behaviour of Hostun RF sand at low confining pressures (20 to 100 kPa) is examined on drained and undrained stress paths. After a short presentation of the experimental setup and procedure, the drained behaviour is presented, and specific features are pointed out, such as the over-consolidated nature of loose samples in the low stress range, and a marked stress-dependency of failure and dilatancy angles. Undrained compression tests confirm the non-linearity of the failure line at small stresses, and the dilative behaviour (pore pressure decrease) of loose sand. Practical relationships between failure and dilatancy angles such as Bolton's or Rowe's show a good agreement with experimental data, provided coefficients for these relations are determined in the low stress range.
mots clés triaxial, Hostun RF, failure, dilatancy, low stresses
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