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Linear and non-linear features of the Taylor–Green dynamo

type de publication      article in an international journal with refereeing comitee
date de publication 2008
auteur(s) Ponty Yannick; Mininni Pablo D.; Laval Jean-Philippe; Alexakis Alexandros; Baerenzung Julien; Daviaud Francois; Dubrulle Bérengère; Pinton Jean-François; Politano Hélène; Pouquet Annick
journal (abréviation) Comptes Rendus Physique (Compt Rendus Phys)
volume (numéro) 9 (7)
pages 749 – 756
résumé The Taylor–Green flow is a model flow sharing many properties with the von Kármán flow, in which experimental turbulent dynamo action has recently been achieved. We present here recent numerical results on the Taylor–Green dynamo instability, both in the linear and non-linear regime. Various properties are considered, such as the influence of turbulence, the energy transfer between different scales, the spatial structure of the neutral mode, the nature of the bifurcation and the saturation mechanisms. We also discuss the role of the velocity fluctuations on the dynamo onset.
mots clés Dynamo; Magnetohydrodynamics; Turbulence; Taylor–Green
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