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A computation of flow and heat transfer past three heated cylinders in a vee shape by a double distribution MRT thermal lattice Boltzmann model

type de publication      article in an international journal with refereeing comitee
date de publication 2011
auteur(s) Moussaoui Mohamed; Naji Hassan; Mezrhab Ahmed
journal (abréviation) International Journal of Thermal Sciences (Int J Therm Sci)
volume (numéro) 50 (8)
pages 1532 – 1542
résumé Laminar convective flow heat transfer from a three heated square blocks arranged as a vee shaped inside a two-dimensional plane channel is numerically investigated. We propose a numerical scheme to solve the flow and the temperature fields using the MRT-D2Q9 model and the MRT-D2Q5 model, respectively. The fluid considered here is air (Pr = 0.71) and the analysis is carried out for Reynolds numbers ranged between 10 and 100 and for gap-to-diameter ratio 1 and 2. The velocity plots and isotherm patterns obtained are systematically presented and discussed to interpret the flow and heat transfer visualization. The variations of drag coefficient and time-averaged local Nusselt number around the surface of the three cylinders as well as the surface-averaged values of the time-averaged Nusselt number for each block are also investigated and discussed. It is found that the numerical results agree well with other numerical results. This demonstrates that the presented numerical model is a promising tool to investigate the simultaneous solution of fluid flow and heat transfer in complex geometries.
mots clés Lattice-Boltzmann method; MRT-D2Q9 model; MRT-D2Q5 model; Forced convection heat transfer; Square cylinders; Plane channel
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