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Couplage emission acoustique et mesure des champs pour le suivi des mécanismes d’endommagement d’un assemblage boulonné

type de publication      ational communication with published proceedings
date de publication 26-10-2009
auteur(s) Herbelot Christophe; Dang-Hoang Thong; Imad Abdellatif
conférence Proceedings of the ITT’09 Symposium (Technological Innovation & Transport Systems)
     dates de 26-10-2009 à 29-10-2009
     lieu Paris
résumé A major goal of bolted joint research is to determine the effect of various bolting parameters on the bearing strength of the joint. These parameters include: (a) joint geometry (specimen width, end distance, and hole diameter); (b) joint configuration (single over lap, double lap, single bolt, single bolt row, or multi-bolt row); (c) loading condition (tension, compression or combined static and/or fatigue loading); (d) fastening parameters (bolt/hole clearance, bolt/washer clearance, tightening torque or clamping force, washer size); and (e) material parameters. In the present work, an experimental investigation was performed to determine the failure mode and bearing strength of bolted-joints in aluminium alloy 6082 T6, under tensile shear loading. Two measurements technique were used in this study such as: acoustic emission (A.E.) technique and digital image correlation (DIC). The simultaneous coupling of these two techniques can predict the damage mechanisms and failure mode from various events during the breaking process and strain field at near the bolt.
mots clés bolted assembly - single lap - NDT
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