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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Reconstruction of unsteady viscous flows using data assimilation schemes
2016, Mons Vincent; Chassaing Jean-Camille; Gomez Thomas; Sagaut Pierre
Journal of Computational Physics
Spectral modelling for passive scalar dynamics in homogeneous anisotropic turbulence
2016, Briard Antoine; Gomez Thomas; Cambon Claude
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Static pressure recovery analysis in the vane island diffuser of a centrifugal pump
2016, Si Qiaorui; Dupont Patrick; Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Dazin Antoine; Roussette Olivier; Bois Gérard
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology
Two-phase reservoir: development of a transient thermo-hydraulic model based on bond graph approach with experimental validation
2016, Kebdani Mohamed; Dauphin Tanguy Genevieve; Dazin Antoine; Albach Roni; Dupont Patrick
Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems
Organisation à grandes échelles de la turbulence de paroi
2016, Dekou Tiomajou Raoul
travail universitaire     
A Bayesian fusion model for space-time reconstruction of finely resolved velocities in turbulent flows from low resolution measurements
2015, Nguyen Van Linh; Laval Jean-Philippe; Chaisnais Pierre
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment
Algebraic instability in shallow water flows with horizontally nonuniform density
2015, Goncharov V.P.; Pavlov Vadim
Physical Review E
An Experimental Study of the Flow Field Inside the Diffuser Passage of a Laboratory Centrifugal Pump
2015, Si Qiaorui; Dupont Patrick; Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Dazin Antoine; Roussette Olivier; Yuan Shouqui
Journal of Fluids Engineering
Comparisons RANS and URANS numerical results with experiments in a vaned diffuser of a centrifugal pump
2015, Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Dupont Patrick; Cavazzini Giovanna; Pavesi Giogio; Dazin Antoine; Cherdieu Patrick; Bois Gérard; Roussette Olivier
La Houille Blanche
Compressible liquid impact against a rigid body
2015, Dyment Arthur
Journal of Fluids Engineering