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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
First-principles study of the ground state stability of III-V bismuth compounds
2009, Zaoui Ali; Madouri D.; Ferhat M.
Philosophical Magazine Letters
Flow organization in non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq Rayleigh-Benard convection in water
2009, Sugiyama Kazuyashu; Calzavarini Enrico; Grossmann Siegfried; Lohse Detlef
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Fracture analysis of rubber-like materials using global and local approaches: Initiation and propagation direction of a crack
2009, Aït Hocine N.; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa
Polymer Engineering and Science
Fundamental and transport properties of ZnX, CdX and HgX (X = S, Se, Te) compounds
2009, Boutaiba F.; Zaoui Ali; Ferhat M.
Superlattices and Microstructures
Gas migration properties through a bentonite/argillite interface
2009, Davy Catherine A.; Skoczylas Frédéric; Lebon P.; Dubois Thierry
Applied Clay Science
Genesis of the third-body at the pad-disc interface: case study of sintered metal matrix composite lining material
2009, Desplanques Yannick; Degallaix Gérard
SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing
Global instabilities in inhomogeneous mixed convection flows in semi-infinite porous media
2009, Mejni Fatah; Ouarzazi Mohamed Najib
Mechanics Research Communication
Hardness length-scale factor to model nano- and micro-indentation size effects
2009, Chicot Didier
Materials Science and Engineering A
Homogenization-based analysis of anisotropic damage in brittle materials with unilateral effect and interactions between microcracks
2009, Zhu Qizhi; Kondo Djimédo; Shao Jian-Fu
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
Impact of fertilizer application and urban wastes on the quality of groundwater in the Cambrai Chalk aquifer, Northern France
2009, Serhal Hani; Bernard Daniel; El Khattabi Jamal; Bastin-Lacherez Sabine; Shahrour Isam
Environmental Geology
In situ and real-time 3-D microtomography investigation of dendritic solidification in an Al–10wt.% Cu alloy
2009, Limodin Nathalie; Salvo Luc; Boller Elodie; Suery Michel; Felberbaum Milan; Gailliègue Sylvain; Madi Kamel
Acta Materialia
In situ calibration of hot wire probes in turbulent flows
2009, Tutkun Murat; George W.K.; Foucaut Jean-Marc; Coudert Sébastien; Stanislas Michel; Delville Joel
Experiments in Fluids
In situ X-ray tomography observation of inhomogeneous deformation in semi-solid aluminium alloys
2009, Terzi Sofiane; Salvo Luc; Suery Michel; Limodin Nathalie; Adrien Jérôme; Maire Eric; Pannier Yannick; Bornert Michel; Bernard Dominique; Felberbaum Milan; Rappaz Michel; Boller Elodie
Scripta Materialia
Influence of plasticity on the seismic soil–micropiles–structure interaction
2009, Alsaleh Hassan; Shahrour Isam
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Influence of the ferrite rate on the tenacity of a welded joint in austenitic stainless steel: Experimental study and numeric modelling
2009, Bouchouicha B.; Zemri M.; Benguediab Mohamed; Imad Abdellatif
Computational Materials Science
Interactions between third-body flows and localisation phenomena during high-energy railways stop-braking
2009, Desplanques Yannick; Degallaix Gérard
SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems
Interlaminar shear strain measurement on angle-ply laminate free edge using digital image correlation
2009, Lecomte-Grosbras Pauline; Paluch Bernard; Brieu Mathias; De Saxce Géry; Sabatier Laurent
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
Investigation of process parameters effect on the copper-wire drawing
2009, Vega Guillaume; Haddi A.; Imad Abdellatif
Materials & Design
Large-scale amplitude modulation of the small-scale structures in turbulent boundary layers
2009, Mathis Romain; Hutchins Nicholas; Marusic Ivan
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer from Heated Blocks in a Horizontal Channel
2009, Moussaoui Mohamed; Jami Mohamed; Mezrhab Ahmed; Naji Hassan
Numerical Heat Transfer Part A: An International Journal of Computation and Methodology