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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Numerical lifetime assessment of engine parts submitted to thermomechanical fatigue : application to exhaust manifolds
2000, Lederer Guy; Charkaluk Eric; Verger Laetitia; Constantinescu Andrei
Society of the Automotive Engineers World Congress
On instabilities in a boundary-layer flow with compliant coatings
2000, Wiplier O.; Ehrenstein Uwe
Coll. EUROMECH 415 ``Shear-flow control``
On the dynamics of internal waves in a continuously stratified ocean model
2000, Ouahsine Abdellatif; Bois Pierre-Antoine
XXVth Gen. Ass. E.G.S.
On the long distance propagation of an impact-caused shock wave in the world ocean. Elastic interactions of the underwater compression waves with the oceanic floor
2000, Voinovich Peter; Merlen Alain; Timofeev Evgeny; Takayama K.
Japanese shock waves symp.
On the occurence of moisture fingers in cloudy convection
2000, Bois Pierre-Antoine; Kubicki Agnes
XXVth E.G.S. Assembly
On the simulation of large viscoplastic structures under anisothermal cyclic loadings
2000, Verger Laetitia; Constantinescu Andrei; Charkaluk Eric
IUTAM Creep in Structures
Opportunities for implementation of recycled aggregates (RA) for production of durable concrete in building construction
2000, Zaharieva Roumiana; Wirquin Eric; Buyle-Bodin François
IInd Int. Symp. on Cement and Concrete technology in the 2000`s
Physical phenomena activated in brake disc-pad interfacial layer
2000, Copin Reynald; Degallaix Gérard; Desplanques Yannick; Berthier Yves
4th Eur. Solid mech. Conf. symp. "some aspects of trybology"
Plasticity format for saturated porous materials : a homogenization based study
2000, Lydzba Dariusz; Mroz Zénon; Shao Jian-Fu
4th EUROMEC European Solid Mech. Conf.
Quantitative high-speed Schlieren visualisations applied to acoustic scattering phenoma
2000, Derbesse L.; Latard-Florquin Véronique; Pernod Philippe; Merlen Alain
9th Int. Symp. on flow visualisations
Quantitative vizualisation and F.E.M. simulation of acoustic scattering phenomena in an elastic plate of linearly varying thickness
2000, Derbesse L.; Pernod Philippe; Merlen Alain; Guillet A.; Voinovich Peter
5th Europ . Cong. on underwater acoustic
Role of hydrogen on adhesion of NiCr thermal sprayed coatings
2000, Lesage Jacky; Chicot Didier; Araujo P.; Zampronio M.A.; De Miranda P.E.V.
Congrès NOTIMAT 2000
Role of hydrogen upon adhesion of NiCr thermal sprayed coatings
2000, Lesage Jacky; Chicot Didier; Araujo P.; Zampronio M.A.; De Miranda P.E.V.
27th Int. Conf. on Metallurgical coatings and thin films
Sediment dynamics and hydrodynamics on the inner part of the Aquitanian shell
2000, Michel D.; Howa H.; Thomas C.; Chapalain Georges; Thais Laurent
Marine sandwave Dynamics
Sequential discrete method and GA approach
2000, Pyrz Marius; Zawidka J.
4th EUROMECH European Solid Mech. Conf.
Simulation par éléments finis de la formation des points chauds dans les organes à friction
2000, Panier Stéphane; Dufrenoy Philippe; Weichert Dieter
3èmes J. Sc. et Tech. en Mécanique des matériaux
Stress concentration and optimal design in assembling of composite structures
2000, Crepin David; Pyrz Marius; De Saxce Géry
4th EUROMECH European Solid Mech. Conf.
Surface damage evolution in a duplex steel during in-situ cyclic loading tests in a scanning electron microscope
2000, Fouret Charles; Alvarez-Armas Iris; Degallaix Suzanne
6th World Duplex 2000 Conf.
Tenseur des contraintes pour un granulaire en écoulement
2000, Fortin Jérôme; Lovighi J.F.; De Saxce Géry; Millet Olivier
Coll. Phys. et Méc. dees matériaux granulaires E.N.P.C.
The interfacial indentation test applied to NiCr thermal sprayed coatings
2000, Lesage Jacky; Chicot Didier; Mesmacque Gerard
Int. Conf. on Thermal spraying