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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Formulation of a new single crystal law for modeling the cyclic softening
2008, Evrard Pierre; Aubin Véronique; Degallaix Suzanne; Kondo Djimédo
Mechanics Research Communications
Fretting fatigue behavior of riveted Al 6XXX components
2008, Guo Ran; Duan Ruichun; Mesmacque Gerard; Zhang Lixiang; Amrouche Abdelwaheb; Guo Rongxin
Materials Science and Engineering: A
Fretting wear of HVOF Ni-Cr based alloy deposited on SAE 1045 steel
2008, Carrasquero Edwin; Lesage Jacky; Puchi-Cabrera E.S.; Staia M.H.
Surface and Coatings Technology
Groundwater interaction in the coastal environment: hydrochemical, electrical and seismic approaches
2008, Zouhri Lahcen; Carlier Erick; Ben Kabbour Brahim; Toto El Arbi; Gorini Christian; Louche Barbara
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and Environment
Homogenization of helical beam-like structures: application to single-walled carbon nanotubes
2008, Messager Tanguy; Cartraud Patrice
Computational Mechanics
Hydromechanical modelling of shaft excavation in Meuse/Haute-Marne laboratory
2008, Jia Yun; Bian Hanbing; Duveau Gilles; Su K.; Shao Jian-Fu
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C
Identification and analysis of slip systems activated during low-cycle fatigue in a duplex stainless steel
2008, El Bartali Ahmed; Aubin Véronique; Sabatier Laurent; Villechaise Patrick; Degallaix Suzanne
Scripta Materialia
Implementation and numerical verification of a non-linear homogenization method applied to hyperelastic composites
2008, Bouchart Vanessa; Brieu Mathias; Kondo Djimédo; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa
Computational Materials Science
Implementation and validation of a polycrystalline model for a bi-phased steel under non-proportional loading paths
2008, Evrard Pierre; Aubin Véronique; Pilvin Philippe; Degallaix Suzanne; Kondo Djimédo
Mechanics Research Communications
Improvement in depth-sensing indentation to calculate the universal hardness on the entire loading curve
2008, Chicot Didier; Mercier David
Mechanics of Materials
Influence of Suspension Plasma Spraying Process Parameters on TiO2 Coatings Microstructure
2008, Jaworski Roman; Pawlowski Lech; Roudet Francine; Kozerski Stefan; Le Maguer Agnès
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
Influence of the Cavitation Model on the Simulation of Cloud Cavitation on 2D Foil Section
2008, Frikha Sobhi; Coutier Delgosha Olivier; Astolfi Jacques-André
International Journal of Rotating Machinery
Influence of the cyclic plastic zone size on the propagation of the fatigue crack in case of 12NC6 steel
2008, Ould Chikh B.; Imad Abdellatif; Benguediab Mohamed
Computational Materials Science
Influence of the water-skeleton interaction on the seismic response of earth dams
2008, Parish Youssef; Shahrour Isam; Sadek Marwan
The International Journal of Multiphysics
Is fractal dispersion subdiffusive or superdiffusive? A theoretical investigation
2008, Carlier Erick
Hydrological Processes
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of surface radiation and natural convection in a square cavity with an inner cylinder
2008, Mezrhab Ahmed; Moussaoui Mohamed; Naji Hassan
Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics
Lattice dynamics study of bismuth III-V compounds
2008, Belabbes A.; Zaoui Ali; Ferhat M.
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter
Linear and non-linear features of the Taylor–Green dynamo
2008, Ponty Yannick; Mininni Pablo D.; Laval Jean-Philippe; Alexakis Alexandros; Baerenzung Julien; Daviaud Francois; Dubrulle Bérengère; Pinton Jean-François; Politano Hélène; Pouquet Annick
Comptes Rendus Physique
Macroscopic yield criteria for plastic anisotropic materials containing spheroidal voids
2008, Monchiet Vincent; Cazacu Oana; Charkaluk Eric; Kondo Djimédo
International Journal of Plasticity
Main results of the third international PIV Challenge
2008, Stanislas Michel; Okamoto K.; Kaehler C.; Westerweel J.; Scarano F.
Experiments in Fluids