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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite Bilayer Coatings Deposited on 316L SS by Sol–Gel Method
2015, Sidane Djahida; Khireddine Hafit; Yala Sabeha; Ziani Salima; Bir Fatima; Chicot Didier
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B
Multi-scale failure of heterogeneous materials: a double kinematics enhancement for Embedded Finite Element Method
2015, Roubin Emmanuel; Vallade Alexis; Benkemoun Nathan; Colliat Jean-Baptiste
International Journal of Solids and Structures
Multi-scale pore structure of COx claystone: Towards the prediction of fluid transport
2015, Song Yang; Davy Catherine A.; Troadec David; Blanchenet Anne-Marie; Skoczylas Frédéric; Talandier Jean; Robinet Jean-Charles
Marine and Petroleum Geology
Multiscale Study of the Nonlinear Behavior of Heterogeneous Clayey Rocks Based on the FFT Method
2015, Jiang Tao; Xu Weiya; Shao Jian-Fu
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
Nonlinear pattern selection and heat transfer in thermal convection of a viscoelastic fluid saturating a porous medium
2015, Hirata Silvia C; Ella Eny Geremino; Ouarzazi Mohamed Najib
International Journal of Thermal Sciences
Numerical analysis of concrete under a wide range of stress and with different saturation condition
2015, Yang He; Jia Yun; Shao Jian-Fu; Pontiroli C.
Materials and Structures
Numerical and experimental investigations of water hammers in nuclear industry
2015, Messahel Ramzi; Cohen Bernard; Moatamedi Mojtaba; Boudlal Abdelaziz; Souli Mhamed; Aquelet Nicolas
International Journal of Multiphysics
Numerical simulation of damage and failure in brittle rocks using a modified rigid block spring method
2015, Yao Chi; Jiang Q.H.; Shao Jian-Fu
Computers and Geotechnics
Observations of the mechanical response and evolution of damage of AA 6061-T6 under different strain rates and temperatures
2015, Dorbane Abdelhakim; Ayoub Georges; Mansoor Bilal; Hamade R.F.; Kridli G.; Imad Abdellatif
Materials Science and Engineering: A
On the impact of twinning on the formation of the grain structure of multi-crystalline silicon for photovoltaic applications during directional solidification
2015, Riberi-Beridot Thècle; Mangelinck-Noel Nathalie; Tandjaoui Amina; Reinhart Guillaume; Billia Bernard; Lafford Tamzin; Baruchel José; Barrallier Laurent
Journal of Crystal Growth
Passive scalar convective-diffusive subrange for low Prandtl numbers in isotropic turbulence
2015, Briard Antoine; Gomez Thomas
Physical Review E
Passive scalar decay laws in isotropic turbulence: Prandtl number effects
2015, Briard Antoine; Gomez Thomas; Sagaut Pierre; Memari Souzan
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Poroelastic two-phase material modeling: theoretical formulation and embedded finite element method implementation
2015, Benkemoun Nathan; Gelet Rachel; Roubin Emmanuel; Colliat Jean-Baptiste
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
Quantification of Pelvic Mobility on Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Images: Using Mechanical Insight to Help Diagnose Pelvic Pathologies
2015, Lecomte-Grosbras Pauline; Witz Jean-François; Brieu Mathias; Faye N.; Cosson Michel; Rubod Chrystèle
Quantitative infrared thermography applied to subgrain scale and the effect of out-of-plane deformation
2015, Wang Xiaogang; Witz Jean-François; El Bartali Ahmed; Oudriss Abdelali; Jiang Chao
Infrared Physics & Technology
Representative volume element estimation for desorption isotherm of concrete with sliced samples
2015, Wu Qier; Rougelot Thomas; Burlion Nicolas; Bourbon Xavier
Cement and Concrete Research
Role of constituents of friction materials on their sliding behavior between room temperature and 400 °C
2015, Eddoumy Fatima; Kasem Haytam; Dhieb Houcine; Buijnsters Josephus Gerardus; Dufrenoy Philippe; Celis Jean-Pierre; Desplanques Yannick
Materials & Design
Roll Waves in Channels with an Active Gas Phase
2015, Boudlal Abdelaziz; Liapidevskii Valery Yu
Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
Space–time pressure–velocity correlations in a turbulent boundary layer
2015, Naka Yoshitsugu; Stanislas Michel; Foucaut Jean-Marc; Coudert Sébastien; Laval Jean-Philippe; Obi Shinnosuke
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
SPH and FEM Investigation of Hydrodynamic Impact Problems
2015, Al-Bahkali Essam; Souli Mhamed
Computers, Materials & Continua