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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
An experimental study of loading parameters effect on fatigue crack closure in 12NC6 steel
2012, Ould Chikh B.; Imad Abdellatif; Meddah M.; Bouchouicha B.; Benguediab Mohamed
Mechanics of Materials
Analysis of Cavitation Instabilities in a Four-Blade Inducer
2012, Coutier Delgosha Olivier; Dazin Antoine; Caignaert Guy; Bois Gérard
International Journal of Rotating Machinery
Analysis of ground movement due to metro station driven with enlarging shield tunnels under building and its parameter sensitivity analysis
2012, Liu Jiangfeng; Qi Taiyue; Wu Zhanrui
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
Analytical study of the asymptotic behavior of a thin plate with temperature-dependent elastic modulus under cyclic thermomechanical loadings
2012, Hasbroucq Simon; Oueslati Abdelbacet; De Saxce Géry
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
Anisotropic constitutive model of plasticity capable of accounting for details of meso-structure of two-phase composite material
2012, Benkemoun Nathan; Ibrahimbegovic Adnan; Colliat Jean-Baptiste
Computers and Structures
Anisotropy effects on the tensile and fatigue behaviour of an oxide dispersion strengthened copper alloy
2012, Daoud Abderrazak; Vogt Jean-Bernard; Charkaluk Eric; Bouquerel Jérémie; Zhang Lin; Biasci Jean-Claude
Materials Science and Engineering: A
Approximate criteria for ductile porous materials having a Green type matrix: Application to double porous media
2012, Shen Wan Qing; Shao Jian-Fu; Dormieux Luc; Kondo Djimédo
Computational Materials Science
Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian formulation for soil structure interaction problems
2012, Souli Mhamed; Shahrour Isam
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Axially homogeneous Rayleigh–Bénard convection in a cylindrical cell
2012, Schmidt Laura E.; Calzavarini Enrico; Lohse Detlef; Toschi Federico; Verzicco Roberto
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Blow-up instability in shallow water flows with horizontally-nonuniform density
2012, Goncharov V.P.; Pavlov Vadim
Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Physics Letters