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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Gaussian process based approach for application on landslide displacement analysis and prediction
2012, Liu Zaobao; Shao Jian-Fu; Xu Weiya
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences
How cracks affect the contact characteristics during impact of solid particles on glass surfaces: A computational study using anisotropic continuum damage mechanics
2012, Ismail Jewan; Zaïri Fahmi; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Azari Zitouni
International Journal of Impact Engineering
How gravity and size affect the acceleration statistics of bubbles in turbulence
2012, Prakash Vivek; Tagawa Yoshi; Calzavarini Enrico; Martinez Mercado Julian; Toschi Federico; Lohse Detlef; Sun Chao
New Journal of Physics
Hydrodynamical instability of dark matter: Analytical solution for the flat expanding universe
2012, Pavlov Vadim; Tito Elizabeth P.
Physical Review D
Impact of trailing wake drag on the statistical properties and dynamics of finite-sized particle in turbulence
2012, Calzavarini Enrico; Volk Romain; Leveque Emmanuel; Pinton Jean-François; Toschi Federico
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena
Induced anisotropic damage and plasticity in initially anisotropic sedimentary rocks
2012, Chen Liang; Shao Jian-Fu; Zhu Qizhi; Duveau Gilles
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences
Influence of mechanical properties of tungsten carbide-cobalt thermal spray coatings on their solid particle erosion behaviour
2012, Santana-Mendez Yucelys; La Barbera-Sosa José; Bencomo A; Lesage Jacky; Chicot Didier; Bemporad Edoardo; Puchi-Cabrera E.S.; Staia M.H.
Surface Engineering
Influence of the blade number on inducer cavitating behavior
2012, Coutier Delgosha Olivier; Caignaert Guy; Bois Gérard; Leroux Jean-Baptiste
Journal of Fluids Engineering
Influence of the spatial variability of leaching kinetics parameters on the lifespan of a concrete structure
2012, De Larrard Thomas; Benboudjema Farid; Colliat Jean-Baptiste; Torrenti Jean-Michel
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering
Inner-layer intensities for the flat-plate turbulent boundary layer combining a predictive wall-model with large-eddy simulations
2012, Inoue Michio; Mathis Romain; Marusic Ivan; Pullin Dale I.
Physics of Fluids
Invasions in heterogeneous habitats in the presence of advection
2012, Vergni Davide; Iannaccone Sandro; Berti Stefano; Cencini Massimo
Journal of Theoretical Biology
J integral as a fracture criterion of rubber-like materials using the intrinsic defect concept
2012, Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Zaïri Fahmi; Qu Zhengwei; Hamdi Adel; Aït Hocine N.
Mechanics of Materials
LES modeling of converging-diverging turbulent channel flow
2012, Kuban Lukasz; Laval Jean-Philippe; Elsner Witold; Tyliszcak Artur; Marquillie Matthieu
Journal of Turbulence
Limit analysis of hollow spheres or spheroids with Hill orthotropic matrix
2012, Pastor Franck; Pastor Joseph; Kondo Djimédo
Comptes Rendus Mécanique
Mechanical properties of conventional and nanostructured plasma sprayed alumina coatings
2012, Bandyopadhyay P.P.; Chicot Didier; Venkateshwarlu B.; Racherla V.; Decoopman Xavier; Lesage Jacky
Mechanics of Materials
Micromechanical analysis of damage in saturated quasi brittle materials
2012, Xie Ni; Zhu Qizhi; Shao Jian-Fu; Xu Li-Hua
International Journal of Solids and Structures
Micromechanical analysis of the nonlinear behavior of porous geomaterials based on the fast Fourier transform
2012, Jiang Tao; Shao Jian-Fu
Computers and Geotechnics
Micromechanical modeling of the effective viscoelastic response of polyamide-6-based nanocomposites reinforced with modified and unmodified montmorillonite clay
2012, Anoukou Kokou; Zaïri Fahmi; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Zaoui Ali; Gloaguen Jean-Michel
Materials Science Forum
Model of an impulsive subsonic jet actuator for flow control applications
2012, Braud Caroline; Dyment Arthur
Physics of Fluids
Modeling of inherent anisotropic behavior of partially saturated clayey rocks
2012, Hu Dawei; Zhou Hui; Zhang Fan; Shao Jian-Fu; Zhang Junfeng
Computers and Geotechnics