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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Adhesive and cohesive properties of nanostructured Zr02 coatings by the original Vickers Indentation Cracking technique
2011, Vert R.; Chicot Didier; Decoopman Xavier; Gruescu Ion-Cosmin; Meillot E.; Vardelle A.; Mariaux G.
Thin Solid Films
ALE Formulation and Simulation Techniques in Integrated Computer Aided Design and Engineering System with Industrial Metal Forming Applications
2011, Gakwaya A.; Sharifi H.; Guillot M.; Souli Mhamed; Erchiqui Fouad
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences
Analysis and Artifact Correction for Volume Correlation Measurements Using Tomographic Images from a Laboratory X-ray Source
2011, Limodin Nathalie; Rethore Julien; Adrien Jérôme; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Roux Stéphane
Experimental Mechanics
Analysis of temperature and speed effects on the drawing stress for improving the wire drawing process
2011, Haddi A.; Imad Abdellatif; Vega Guillaume
Materials & Design
Analysis on failure mechanisms of an interlock woven fabric under ballistic impact
2011, Ha Minh Cuong; Boussu François; Kanit Toufik; Crepin David; Imad Abdellatif
Engineering Failure Analysis
Are there localized eddies in the trihedral corners of the Stokes eigenmodes in cubical cavity ?
2011, Leriche Emmanuel; Labrosse Gérard
Computers and Fluids
arts Containing Open-Celled Metal Foam Manufactured by the Foundry Route: Processes, Performances, and Applications
2011, Dairon Jonathan; Gaillard Yves; Tissier Jean-Charles; Balloy David; Degallaix Gérard
Advanced Engineering Materials
Bargmann group, momentum tensor and Galilean invariance of Clausius–Duhem inequality
2011, De Saxce Géry; Vallee Claude
International Journal of Engineering Science
Biomechanical characterisation of uterine ligaments. Implications for the pelvic floor
2011, Rivaux Géraldine; Rubod Chrystèle; Dedet Bruno; Brieu Mathias; Gabriel Boris; De Landsheere Laurent; Devos P.; Delmas Vincent; Cosson Michel
Biomechanical properties of prolapsed or non prolapsed vaginal tissue: impact on genital prolapsed surgery
2011, Jean-Charles Clay; Rubod Chrystèle; Brieu Mathias; Cosson Michel
International Uro-Gynaecology Journal
Blurred Constitutive Laws and Bipotential Convex Covers
2011, De Saxce Géry; Buliga Marius; Vallee Claude
Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids
Canonical and Anti-Canonical Transformations Preserving Convexity of Potentials
2011, Vallee Claude; Hjiaj Mohammed; Fortuné Danielle; De Saxce Géry
Journal of Elasticity
Characterization of the mullins effect of carbon-black filled rubbbers
2011, Merckel Yannick; Diani Julie; Brieu Mathias; Gilormini Pierre; Caillard Julien
Rubber Chemistry and Technology
Cyclic Mechanical Behaviour of Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu Alloy Under High Temperature Isothermal Ageing
2011, Dompierre Benoit; Aubin Véronique; Charkaluk Eric; Maia Filho Wilson; Brizoux Michel
Materials Science and Engineering: A
Deformation and Permeability Evolution of Petroleum Cement Paste Subjected to Chemical Degradation Under Temperature
2011, Yurtdas Ismail; Xie Shouyi; Burlion Nicolas; Shao Jian-Fu; Saint Marc Jérémie; Garnier André
Transport in Porous Media
Derivation of the Young’s and shear moduli of single-walled carbon nanotubes through a computational homogenization approach
2011, El Khoury Elie; Messager Tanguy; Cartraud Patrice
International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering
Diamond-like carbon film deposited on nitrided 316L stainless steel substrate: A hardness depth-profile modeling
2011, Chicot Didier; Puchi-Cabrera E.S.; Decoopman Xavier; Roudet Francine; Lesage Jacky; Staia M.H.
Diamond and Related Materials
Digital image correlation of metal nanofilms on SU-8 for flexible electronics and MEMS
2011, Roland Thierry; Arscott Steve; Sabatier Laurent; Buchaillot Lionel; Charkaluk Eric
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
Digital volume correlation analyses of synchrotron tomographic images
2011, Rethore Julien; Limodin Nathalie; Buffière Jean-Yves; Hild François; Ludwig Wolfgang; Roux Stéphane
The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design
DNS of buoyancy driven flows and Lagrangian particle tracking in a square cavity at high Rayleigh numbers
2011, Puragliesi Riccardo; Dehbi Abdelouahab; Leriche Emmanuel; Soldati Alfredo; Deville Michel
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow