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Patrick BRAUD auteur - non membre du laboratoire
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LEA - Boulevard Pierre et Marie Curie - BP 30179, 86962 Futuroscope-Chasseneuil


année, auteur(s)
The WALLTURB joined experiment to assess the large scale structures in a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer
2009, Delville Joel; Braud Patrick; Coudert Sébastien; Foucaut Jean-Marc; Fourment Caroline; George W.K.; Johansson Peter; Kostas Jim; Mehdi F; Royer A; Stanislas Michel; Tutkun Murat
Progress in Wall Turbulence: Understanding and Modeling, Proceedings of the WALLTURB International Workshop
Study of the Unsteady Aspects of Turbulence in the Near Wall Region of a Boundary Layer Using High Speed SPIV
2007, Foucaut Jean-Marc; Coudert Sébastien; Kostas Jim; Stanislas Michel; Braud Patrick; Fourment Caroline; Delville Joel; Tutkun Murat; Mehdi F; Johansson Peter; George W.K.
7th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry
Analysis of the wake-mixing layer interaction using Multiple plane PIV and 3D Classical POD.
2004, Braud Caroline; Heitz Dominique; Braud Patrick; Arroyo George; Delville Joel
Experiment in fluids
Two-point laser Doppler velocimetry measurements in a Mach 1.2 cold supersonic jet for statistical aeroacoustic source model
2004, Kerherve Franck; Jordan Peter; Valière Jean-Christophe; Gervais Yves; Braud Patrick
Experiments in Fluids
Investigation of plane mixing layer - wake interaction by means of two 2D PIV planes and of POD
2002, Braud Caroline; Heitz Dominique; Braud Patrick; Arroyo George; Delville Joel
11th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics.