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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
3D imaging in material science: Application of X-ray tomography
2010, Salvo Luc; Suery Michel; Marmottant Ariane; Limodin Nathalie; Bernard Dominique
Comptes Rendus Physique
A comparative micromechanical analysis of the effective properties of a geomaterial: Effect of mineralogical compositions
2010, Abou-Chakra Guery Ariane; Cormery Fabrice; Shao Jian-Fu; Kondo Djimédo
Computers and Geotechnics
A discrete thermodynamic approach for anisotropic plastic-damage modeling of cohesive-frictional geomaterials
2010, Zhu Qizhi; Zhou C.B.; Shao Jian-Fu; Kondo Djimédo
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
A Hybrid Accelerated Random Search- Centrifugal Force Algorithm for Dynamic Finite Element Model Updating
2010, Touat Noureddine; Rechak Said; Pyrz Marius; Cherrared Djamel
Asian Journal of Applied Sciences
A methodology to quantify the nonlinearity of the Reynolds stress tensor
2010, Thompson Roney L.; Mompean Gilmar; Thais Laurent
Journal of Turbulence
A micromechanics-based elastoplastic damage model for granular materials at low confining pressure
2010, Zhu Qizhi; Shao Jian-Fu; Mainguy M.
International Journal of Plasticity
A multiscale approach of non linear composites under finite deformation : experimental characterization and numerical modeling
2010, Bouchart Vanessa; Brieu Mathias; Bhatnagar Naresh; Kondo Djimédo
International Journal of Solids and Structures
A new model of the heat transfer in materials: the surfacic potential algorithm
2010, Bigerelle Maxence; Bounichane Benaamer; Hagege Benjamin; Jourani Abdeljalil; Iost Alain
International Journal of Materials and Product Technology
A stress-based macroscopic approach for microcracks unilateral effect
2010, Cormery Fabrice; Welemane Hélène
Computational Materials Science
About microcracking due to leaching in cementitious composites: X-ray microtomography description and numerical approach
2010, Rougelot Thomas; Burlion Nicolas; Bernard Dominique; Skoczylas Frédéric
Cement and Concrete Research
Adhesion of YSZ suspension plasma-sprayed coating on smooth and thin substrates
2010, Vert R.; Chicot Didier; Dublanche-Tixier C.; Meillot M.; Vardelle A.; Mariaux G.
Surface and Coatings Technology
An alternative assessment of weak-equilibrium conditions in turbulent closure modeling
2010, Thompson Roney L.; Mompean Gilmar
International Journal of Engineering Science
An Analytical Modeling of the Central Core Flow in a Rotor-Stator System With Several Preswirl Conditions
2010, Debuchy Roger; Abdel Nour Fadi; Bois Gérard
Journal of Fluids Engineering
An emissivity-corrected method for the accurate radiometric measurement of transient surface temperatures during braking
2010, Kasem Haytam; Thevenet Jean; Boidin Xavier; Siroux Monica; Dufrenoy Philippe; Desmet Bernard; Desplanques Yannick
Tribology International
An extension of Gurson model incorporating interface stresses effects
2010, Dormieux Luc; Kondo Djimédo
International Journal of Engineering Science
Analyse par éléments-finis tridimensionnelle du comportement élastoplastique avec contact frottant
2010, Boudaia Elhassan; Bousshine Lahbib; Chaaba Ali; Fihri Fassi Hicham; De Saxce Géry
Mécanique & Industries
Analysis of polypropylene deformation in a 135° ECAE die: experiments and three-dimensional finite element simulations
2010, Aour B.; Zaïri Fahmi; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Gloaguen Jean-Michel; Lefebvre Jean-Marc
Key Engineering Materials
Analysis of the attenuation of railway squeal noise by preloaded rings inserted in wheels
2010, Brunel Jean-François; Dufrenoy Philippe; Charley Jacques; Demilly François
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Anisotropy of direction-based consitutive models for rubber-like materials
2010, Gillibert Jean; Brieu Mathias; Diani Julie
International Journal of Solids and Structures
Application of nonlinear fluid–structure interaction methods to seismic analysis of anchored and unanchored tanks
2010, Ozdemir Zuhal; Souli Mhamed; Fahjan Yasin M.
Engineering Structures