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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Further studies of adverse pressure gradient effects in turbulent channel flows
2015, De Jesus A.B.; Schiavo L.A.C.A.; Azevedo Luis Fernando; Laval Jean-Philippe
22nd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference
Fluid Leakage effect on analysis of a vaned diffuser of SHF
2014, Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Dupont Patrick; miccoli lucio; Cavazzini Giovanna; Dazin Antoine; Pavesi Giogio; Bois Gérard
15th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery, ISROMAC-15
Indoor climate quality assessment in high school classroom: ventilation strategies and courses management.
2014, Allab Yacine; Kindinis Andrea; Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Simonet Sophie; Coutier Delgosha Olivier
Roomvent 2014
Static pressure recovery analysisv in the vane island diffuser of a centrifugal pump
2014, Si Qiaorui; Dupont Patrick; Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Dazin Antoine; Roussette Olivier; Yuan Shouqui; Bois Gérard
The 6th International Symposium of Fluid Machinery and Fluids Engineering (ISFMFE 2014)
Pressure Measurements in an axial compressor: from design operating conditions to rotating stall inception
2014, Veglio Monica; Dazin Antoine; Roussette Olivier; Bois Gérard
49th International Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics
Data reduction problems using a 3 holes directional pressure probe to investigate mean flow characteristics in the vaneless gap between impeller and vaned diffuser radial pump
2013, Cherdieu Patrick; Dupont Patrick; Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Dazin Antoine; Bois Gérard
ICPF 2013
Time-resolved reconstruction of super-streaks in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer over a flat plate
2013, Roux Stéphane; Kerherve Franck; Foucaut Jean-Marc; Stanislas Michel; Delville Joel
8th Int. Symp. Turb. Shear Flow Phen.
Two phase velocity measurements using LIF-PIV inside the cavitation sheet generated in a venturi
2013, Fuzier Sylvie; Coudert Sébastien; Coutier Delgosha Olivier
International Conference on Multiphase Flow
Unsteady flowfield in a mini VAWT with relative rotation blades: analysis of temporal results
2013, Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Simonet Sophie; Bois Gérard
ICPF 2013
Unsteady velocity PIV measurements and 3D numerical calculation comparisons inside the impeller of a radial pump model Cavazzini, G., Pavesi G.; University of Padova,
2013, Cavazzini Giovanna; Pavesi Giogio; Dupont Patrick; Dazin Antoine; Bayeul-Laine Annie-Claude; Bois Gérard
10th European Turbomachinery Conference