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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
A Coupling Method for Hydrodynamic Ram Analysis: Experimental and Numerical Investigation
2013, Souli Mhamed; Gabrys Jonathan
Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology
A coupling method for soil structure interaction problems
2013, Souli Mhamed; Shahrour Isam
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
A mapping method for shock waves using ALE formulation
2013, Souli Mhamed; Aquelet Nicolas; Al-Bahkali Essam Ali; Moatamedi Mojtaba
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences
A non linear energy model of fatigue damage accumulation and its verification for Al-2024 Aluminium alloy
2013, Djebli Abdelkader; Aïd Abdelkrim; Bendouba Mostefa; Amrouche Abdelwaheb; Benguediab Mohamed; Benseddiq Noureddine
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics
Analysis of polymer drag reduction mechanisms from energy budgets
2013, Thais Laurent; Gatski Thomas B.; Mompean Gilmar
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
Computational homogenization of elastic-plastic composites
2013, Khdir Younis Khalid; Kanit Toufik; Zaïri Fahmi; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa
International Journal of Solids and Structures
Deployment of a Neo-Hookean membrane: experimental and numerical analysis .
2013, Al-Bahkali Essam Ali; Erchiqui Fouad; Souli Mhamed; Moatamedi Mojtaba
The International Journal of Multiphysics
Discrete optimization of rigid rotor balancing
2013, Messager Tanguy; Pyrz Marius
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology
Effect of overlapping inclusions on effective elastic properties of composites
2013, El Moumen Ahmed; Kanit Toufik; Imad Abdellatif; Minor Hassan E.L.
Mechanics Research Communications
Effect of Residual Stresses Induced by Cold Expansion on the Crack Growth in 6082 Aluminum Alloy
2013, Semari Zahar; Aïd Abdelkrim; Benhamena Ali; Amrouche Abdelwaheb; Benguediab Mohamed; Sadok A.; Benseddiq Noureddine
Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Equal-channel angular extrusion of polymers
2013, Beloshenko V.A.; Voznyak Yu.V.; Reshidova I.Yu.; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Zaïri Fahmi
Journal of Polymer Research
Fracture characterization of high-density polyethylene pipe materials using the J -integral and the essential work of fracture
2013, Elmeguenni Mohamed; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Zaïri Fahmi; Gloaguen Jean-Michel
International Journal of Fracture
Lagrangian single particle turbulent statistics through the Hilbert-Huang Transform
2013, Huang Yongxiang; Biferale Luca; Calzavarini Enrico; Sun Chao; Toschi Federico
Physical Review E
Molecular dynamics study of the polymer clay nanocomposites (PCNs): Elastic constants and basal spacing predictions
2013, Anoukou Kokou; Zaoui Ali; Zaïri Fahmi; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Gloaguen Jean-Michel
Computational Materials Science
Numerical analysis of a ballistic impact on textile fabric
2013, Ha Minh Cuong; Imad Abdellatif; Kanit Toufik; Boussu François
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
Spectral Analysis of Turbulent Viscoelastic and Newtonian Channel Flows
2013, Thais Laurent; Mompean Gilmar; Gatski Thomas B.
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
SPH and ALE Formulations for Fluid Structure Coupling
2013, Messahel Ramzi; Souli Mhamed
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences
X-ray diffraction study of microstructural changes during fatigue damage initiation in pipe steels: Role of the initial dislocation structure
2013, De Carvalho Pinheiro Bianca; Lesage Jacky; Pasqualino I.; Bemporad Edoardo; Benseddiq Noureddine
Materials Science and Engineering: A