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Influence of Boundary conditions on the seismic behaviour of micropiles foundations

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 2003
auteur(s) Sadek Marwan; Shahrour Isam
conférence International Workshop on soil – structure interaction - TC 4 Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering of the ISSMGE
     lieu Prague
     nom des actes International Workshop on soil – structure interaction -
résumé This paper presents a thorough study of the influence of micropiles boundary conditions on their response under seismic loading using a full three-dimensional finite element modeling. The soil media is assumed to be elastic with Rayleigh damping. The structure is modeled by a single degree of freedom system composed of a concentrated mass and a column. The paper is composed of three parts: The first one summarizes results of recent studies mainly related to the influence of the pile-to-pile cap connection on the response of laterally loaded pile groups. In the second part, we present results of detailed analysis of the seismic induced response of pinned-head micropiles. The last part concerns the influence of fixity-condition at the micropiles tip on the seismic response of the soil-micropiles-structure system.
mots clés Finite element, Group, boundary conditions, Micropiles, Seismic, Three-dimensional, pinned-head, fixity-condition
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