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Simulation of vibroacoustic problem using coupled FE / BE formulation

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 2005
auteur(s) Alia Ahlem; Souli Mhamed
conférence Structural dynamics EURODYN 2005
     dates de 04-09-2005 à 07-09-2005
     lieu Paris FRANCE
     nom des actes Proceedings of the 6th international conference on structural dynamics
pages 1169 – 1172
ISBN / ISSN 90 5966 035 8
résumé Vibroacoustics consists of the interaction between elastic and acoustic waves. Hence, studying vibroacoustic problems requires both elastic structure and fluid to be modeled. Different numerical methods have been developed to simulate vibroacoustic problems. Each one can be used according to the domain of interest. In this paper, a simple vibroacoustic problem is modeled by a coupled FE/BE method . Unfortunately, the DBEM suffers from the computational cost associated with surface integration, in particular for multi-frequency vibroacoustic problem. To alleviate this limitation, the BE matrices are computed at few prescribed frequencies only and then matrices at other intermediate frequencies are calculated by quadratic interpolation. The numerical results are represented for a simply supported plate backed cavity subjected to an harmonic pressure load. Some numerical results were compared to the corresponding solutions which are available in the literature.
mots clés BEM, quadratic interpolation
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