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A Ductile Tear Fracture Analysis of Lap Welded Joints

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2004
auteur(s) Imad Abdellatif; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Mesmacque Gerard
journal (abréviation) Strength of Materials (Strength Mater)
volume (numéro) 36 (4)
pages 382 – 390
résumé Numerical analysis of the ductile fracture of lap welded joints has been performed for a standard CT specimen. Mono-, bi- and trimetallic CT configurations were studied in order to compare the J-integral and CTOD global approaches with a local approach (Rice and Tracey model). It is found that the above change in configuration has no impact on evolution of the global parameters, while the void growth ratio R/R0 is very sensitive to the stress and strain fields around the crack tip. Furthermore, using the parameter R/R0 distribution at the crack tip, predicted the crack propagation direction in the case of lap welded joints.
mots clés ductile tear fracture - lap welded joints - J-integral - void growth ratio
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