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An ecological method to improve the short-term aging resistance of asphalt using Crumb Rubber

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 12-10-2005
auteur(s) Ali Bassem; Sadek Marwan; Shahrour Isam
conférence International conference urban engineering
     dates de 12-10-2005 à 13-10-2005
     lieu Lille -France
     nom des actes orniérage, chaussée ,viscoplastique
résumé The use of rubber pavement technology, also known as ecological pavement, offers a solution to a problem of worldwide dimensions. The rubber-modified asphalt becomes an excellent alternative compared to conventional asphalt. A series of laboratory tests including fractional composition was conducted to evaluate the effect of tire rubber addition on the performance of asphalt and asphalt concrete. The first part includes a literature review on asphalt aging and the use of modified rubber asphalt in pavement road applications. The second part contains a measurement of rheological properties of two types of asphalt followed by an analysis of the influence of short-term aging on each type of asphalt. Then a comparison of properties obtained for both cases of non-modified asphalt and crumb rubber modified asphalt that have been subjected to short-term aging. Results show an improvement of the resistance to short-term aging for the crumb rubber modified asphalt. It also demonstrates that adding tire rubber to asphalt improves the performance of asphalt concrete by increasing its stability and reducing permanent deformations
mots clés pavement, aging, rubber,
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