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Identification of viscoplastic parameters of phenomenological constitutive equations for polymers by deterministic and evolutionary approach

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2007
auteur(s) Pyrz Marius; Zaïri Fahmi
journal (abréviation) Modelling and Simulation in Materials Sciences and Engineering (Model Simulat Mater Sci Eng)
volume (numéro) 15 (2)
pages 85 – 103
résumé This study is concerned with the viscoplastic behaviour of polymers. A modified viscoplastic Bodner–Partom model was extended to include successively the post-yield (strain softening and strain hardening) and the pre-yield behaviour. In order to identify material parameters of the constitutive law, an analytical scheme and a numerical method based on evolutionary algorithms were developed. The capacity of the proposed viscoplastic approach is investigated for a representative glassy polymer (polycarbonate). The results and the efficiency of both approaches are discussed.
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