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Groundwater interaction in the coastal environment: hydrochemical, electrical and seismic approaches

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2008
auteur(s) Zouhri Lahcen; Carlier Erick; Ben Kabbour Brahim; Toto El Arbi; Gorini Christian; Louche Barbara
journal (abréviation) Bulletin of Engineering Geology and Environment (Bull Eng Geol Environ)
volume (numéro) 67 (1)
pages 123 – 128
résumé The heterogeneous Plio-Quaternary coastal aquifer of the Mamora Basin is the most significant reservoir of Morocco. It is composed of sandstones, conglomerates, limestones and more or less argillaceous sands. The increase in the requirements for water in this area requires further information on the relations between the geometry of the aquifer and the salinity of the water. A hydrochemical analysis was undertaken and highlighted three zones of high mineralization. A geophysical approach allowed the determination of the principal aquifer levels, the localization of the various types of water (fresh, brackish and salt) and the geometry of the aquifer base.
mots clés Physico-chemistry, Hydrodynamics, Marine intrusion, interface, Infiltration, Geophysics, Coastal Environment
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