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Characterization of high temperature thermomechanical fatigue properties for particles renforced composites

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2005
auteur(s) Shi Hui-Ji; Mesmacque Gerard; Zeng Yang; Guo Ran
journal (abréviation) Key Engineeering Materials (Key Eng Mat)
volume (numéro) 297-300
pages 1495 – 1502
résumé Voronoi cell finite element method (VCFEM) is introduced in this paper to describe the elastic-plastic-creep behavior of particle reinforced composites. The interfacial damage is simulated by partly debonding between Matrix and inclusion. A validation of the nonlinear behavior of the cell element has been carry out by comparing VCFEM results with those calculated by the general finite element package MARC and ABAQUS, and good agreements are found. A microstructure with five inclusions is taken as an example to describe the cyclic stress-strain behavior under different particulate orientation condition, and it shows the influence of the topological microstructure of inclusions. Thermomechanical fatigue properties are also investigated and the loops of stress-strain show the great differences of fatigue behavior between the in-phase case and out-of-case.
mots clés particulate reinforced composites, Voronoi cell finite element method, interfacial debonding,
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