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Computational investigation of laminar flow and convective heated transfer in an obstructed channel using lattice Boltzmann mathod

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 11-05-2008
auteur(s) Moussaoui Mohamed; Jami Mohamed; Mezrhab Ahmed; Naji Hassan
numéro de papier 372
conférence ICHMT International Symp. on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer
     lieu Marrakech
     nom des actes Poceedings of CHT-08
ISBN / ISSN 978-1-56700-252-2
résumé The paper presents the application of the lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE) method to the numerical prediction of a laminar and convective-heated transfer through a two-dimensional obstructed channel. The obstructed is carried out by obstacles including two located on the lower wall and the other on the upper wall of the channel. The computations were initially validated against available results in literature, and then the results are presented in terms of the flow Reynolds number, the size of obstacles and the distance (w) between the two lower obstacles. In light of the obtained results, we can conclude that the heat transfer depends highly of thes parameters.
mots clés Multi relaxation time, Lattice Boltzmann method, finite difference scheme, laminar flow, convetive heated transfer
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