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Wall shear stress measurement using Stereoscopic PIV

type de publication      communication sans actes
date de publication 2006
auteur(s) Foucaut Jean-Marc; Kostas Jim; Stanislas Michel
conférence 12TH international Symposium on flow Visualization
     dates de 10-09-2006 à 14-09-2006
     lieu German Aerospace Center Göttingen
résumé In the present contribution, an adaptation of stereo PIV is presented with the aim of measuring the wall shear stress in a turbulent boundary layer. Macro Stereoscopic PIV (MSPIV) is performed in order to measure directly the mean velocity gradient at the wall. The specific problems encountered in such a configuration are discussed, the accuracy of the shear stress measurement is assessed and the results obtained in the LML boundary layer wind tunnel for four different Reynolds numbers are presented. The technique appears to perform as well as the best existing techniques (oil film interferometry for example), leading to an accuracy better than 1%.
mots clés friction measurement, stereoscopic PIV
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