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Prediction of a high swirled natural gas diffusion flame using a PDF model

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2009
auteur(s) Khelil Ali; Naji Hassan; Loukarfi Larbi; Mompean Gilmar
journal (abréviation) Fuel (Fuel)
volume (numéro) 88 (2)
pages 374 – 381
résumé The paper deals with the numerical prediction of a high swirling non-premixed confined natural gas diffusion flame in order to predict the pollutant emissions NOx using the PDF model coupled with the Reynolds stress model (RSM). A chemical equilibrium model in conjunction with the assumed shape of the PDF is adopted. The chemical combustion reactions are described by 9 species and 8 reactions [31]. The PDF of the mixture fraction is described with a b -function. In order to predict the NOx emissions, a NOx post-processor of the Fluent code has been performed. The concentration of O and OH radicals are obtained assuming the partial-equilibrium assumption and using a PDF in terms of temperature. The numerical simulation of various factors influencing the combustion process are examined and compared favourably with experimental results.
mots clés Turbulence-chemistry interaction; PDF model; Diffusion flame; Swirl burner; NOx
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