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Dimensionless analysis of a centrifugal pump during fast starting period

type de publication      communication sans actes
date de publication 2006
auteur(s) Dazin Antoine; Coutier Delgosha Olivier; Caignaert Guy; Bois Gérard
conférence 23rd IAHR SYMPOSIUM on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems
     dates de 17-10-2006 à 21-10-2006
     lieu Yokohama, Japan
résumé A dimensionless analysis of a centrifugal pump transient, based on experimental results of various start-ups of this pump is proposed. It is based on the comparison of transient and steady terms coming from global moment of momentum and energy equations applied to an impeller or on a local analysis of the acceleration of a fluid particle inside an impeller in transient operations. Both methods give reliable criteria characteristic of the rapidity of a start-up.
mots clés Fast transient, Centrifugal pump, dimensionless analysis
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