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A new ALE formulation for sloshing analysis

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2003
auteur(s) Aquelet Nicolas; Souli Mhamed; Gabrys Jonathan; Olovsson L.
journal Structural Engineering and Mechanics
volume (numéro) 16 (4)
résumé Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian finite element methods gain interest for the capability to control mesh geometry independently from material geometry, the ALE methods are used to create a new undistorted mesh for the fluid domain. In this paper we use the ALE technique to solve fuel slosh problem. Fuel slosh is an important design consideration not only for the fuel tank, but also for the structure supporting the fuel tank. "Fuel slosh" can be generated by any ways : abrupt changes in acceleration (braking) as well as abrupt changes in direction (highway exit-ramp). Repetitive motion can also be involved if a "sloshing resonance" is generated. These sloshing events can in turn affect the overall perormance of the parent structre. A finite element analysis method has been developed to analyze this complex event. A new ALE formulation for the flid mesh has been developed to keep the fluid mesh inegrity during the motion fo the tank. This paper exlains the analysis capabilities on a technical level. Following the exlanation, the analysis capabilities are validated against theoretical usingg potential flow for calculating fuel slosh frequency
mots clés ALE; sloshing; multi-material formulation.
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