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Lattice dynamics behavior in GaN doped with Mg, As, Si, and C

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 15-01-2004
auteur(s) Aouas M. R.; Sekkal W.; Zaoui Ali
journal (abréviation) Materials Chemistry and Physics (Mater Chem Phys)
volume (numéro) 83 (1)
pages 48 – 53
résumé We present a lattice dynamics study based on Buckingham potential for wurtzite GaN doped with donor and acceptor impurities: Mg, As, Si and C. We have evaluated the formation energies of the defect levels for all impurities. Local vibrational modes in the region of the acoustical and optical phonons are also presented. For Mg and As impurities, we confirm the origin of vibrational modes observed previously. Besides, possible frequencies for the local vibrational mode in GaN doped with Si and C are presented.
mots clés Local vibrational modes; Impurities; Acoustical and optical phonons
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