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Study of ductile fracture of austenitic stainless steels by local approach

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 1998
auteur(s) Geney Christian; Degallaix Suzanne; Desplanques Yannick; Millot Thierry
numéro de papier BP85W
conférence 12th Bienniel Conference on Fracture of the European-Structural-Integrity-Society (ECF 12)
     dates de 14-09-1998 à 18-09-1998
     nom des actes ECF 12: FRACTURE FROM DEFECTS, VOLS. I-III
pages 1047 – 1052
ISBN / ISSN 1-901537-03-X
résumé The safety of nuclear power plants requires good knowledge of the fracture behaviour of materials. For austenitic stainless steels, the usual methods of elastic-plastic fracture mechanics cannot be applied. This study aims to test the application of local approach methods to this kind of materials. The Rice-Tracey and Gurson-Tvergaard models were applied to two austenitic stainless steels, at room temperature and at 280 degrees C. Tensile tests on axisymmetric round notched specimens were used to calibrate the model's parameters. The results show that local approach can be successfully applied to very ductile materials.
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