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A new approach to shakedown analysis for non-standart elastoplastic material by the bipotential

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2003
auteur(s) Bousshine Lahbib; Chaaba Ali; De Saxce Géry
journal (abréviation) International Journal of Plasticity (Int J Plast)
volume (numéro) 19 (5)
pages 583 – 598
résumé On the basis of the implicit standard materials that introduces a function, called bipotential, depending on both the stress and plastic strain rate, this paper is devoted to present a new approach of shakedown analysis for non standard elastoplastic materials. The bipotential theory was successfully applied to geomaterials with non-associated flow rule and Coulomb's dry friction law. The present analysis is different to the Melan's potential and it is based on a corner stone inequality satisfied by the bipotential and the existence of time-independent residual stress field. The deduction of bound theorems, static and kinematic, is detailed in the present article.
mots clés Shakedown analysis; Elastic-plastic material; Granular materail; Variational principles
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