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On a class of micromechanical damage models with initial stresses for geomaterials

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2010
auteur(s) Levasseur S.; Collin F.; Charlier R.; Kondo Djimédo
journal (abréviation) Mechanics Research Communications (Mech Res Comm)
volume (numéro) 37 (1)
pages 38 – 41
résumé In this paper, we extend a class of micromechanical damage models by including initial stresses. The proposed approach is based on the solution of the Eshelby inhomogeneous inclusion problem in the presence of a prestress (in the matrix), adapted for elastic voided media. The closed form expression of the corresponding energy potential is used as the basis of various isotropic damage models corresponding to three standard homogenization schemes. These models are illustrated by considering isotropic tensile loadings with different initial stresses. Finally, still in the isotropic context, we provide an interpretation of the macroscopic damage model formulated by [5] by briefly connecting it to the present study.
mots clés Damage; Initial stresses; Homogenization; micromechanics; Geomaterials
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