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Analysis and thermomechanical modelling of damage of the TGV brake discs

type de publication      article dans une revue sans comité de lecture
date de publication 2009
auteur(s) Wicker Paul; Wong Jonathan; Degallaix Gérard; Dufrenoy Philippe; Bumbieler F.
journal (abréviation) Revue de Métallurgie (Revue de Métallurgie)
volume (numéro) 106 (7-8)
pages 311 – 316
résumé An experimental and modelling approach has been applied to study the mechanism of railway disc cracking. Braking tests on a full size pilot bench are reported. The effect of the pad type on thermal loading, the disc is submitted to, has been assessed by infrared thermography and thermocouples implanted in the brake discs and pads. Thermal loadings recorded by thermography have been used for thermomechanical modelling. Eventually, results of tests and models are correlated to the actual damage observed on discs.
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