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Free surface measurement of flow over side weirs using the video monitoring concept

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2004
auteur(s) Khorchani Mohamed; Blanpain Olivier
journal Flow Measurement and Instrumentation
volume (numéro) 15 (2)
pages 111 – 117
résumé Overflow structures built in combined sewer systems are often the source of hydraulic failure during wet weather conditions. Their modelling and particularly that of side weir overflows constitutes a very difficult task both regarding the quantitative and the qualitative aspects. In this paper, a new approach based on the video monitoring concept of these structures is proposed. This study aims at the adjustment of a measuring system able to take into account both spatial and temporal heterogeneity of discharges by digital cameras. In order to achieve this task, a full-scale experiment was carried out. Two lighting systems have been used. The acquired images from the experimental follow-up of the installation, over a period of about 15 months, are analysed. Image processing tools are used to determine the shape of the surface profile on the side weir and to transform image data into numerical data exploitable for modelling. The results were proved very satisfactory.
mots clés Video monitoring; Free surface measurement; Side weir overflow; Image processing
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