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Fluid Structure Interaction for Hydraulic Problems

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2011
auteur(s) Souli Mhamed; Aquelet Nicolas
journal (abréviation) La Houille Blanche, International Water Journal (SHF)
volume (numéro) 6
pages 5 – 10
résumé Fluid Structure interaction plays an important role in engineering applications. Physical phenomena such as flow induced vibration in nuclear industry, fuel sloshing tank in automotive industry or rotor stator interaction in turbo machinery, can lead to structure deformation and sometimes to failure. In order to solve fluid structure interaction problems, the majority of numerical tests consists in using two different codes to separately solve pressure of the fluid and structural displacements. In this paper, a unique code with an ALE formulation approach is used to implicitly calculate the pressure of an incompressible fluid applied to the structure. The development of the ALE method as well as the coupling in a computational structural dynamic code, allows to solve more large industrial problems related to fluid structure coupling.
mots clés Interaction Fluide Structure / pression implicite
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