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Cracking of S235JR Cold-Deformed Steel during Galvanizing—Developing a Test to Evaluate and Predict the Effect of the Zinc Alloy Composition

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2013
auteur(s) Cristol Anne-Lise; Balloy David; Niclaeys Christophe; Quaegebeur Philippe; Néel Ludovic
journal (abréviation) Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology (Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology)
volume (numéro) 3 (1)
pages 75 – 83
résumé This paper presents a study on the cracking of steel pieces during their galvanization in alloyed liquid zinc. An experimental design was developed to show the effect of the amount of the various alloying elements (Sn, Bi, Pb) on this phenomenon. The characterization of the effect was obtained by 1) deformation by three-point bending of a piece of steel with different levels of deflection; 2) galvanizing and 3) observation and measurement of the cracks. A model of the critical deflection (deflection for crack starting) with the amounts of Sn, Pb, and Bi is presented and the predictions are described.
mots clés Galvanizing; Cracking; Steel; Experimental Design
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