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Evaluation of viscoplastic parameters and its application for dynamic behaviour of plates

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2000
auteur(s) Woznica Krzysztof; Klosowski P.
journal Archive of Applied Mechanics
volume (numéro) 70
pages 561 – 570
résumé The evaluation of material parameters for viscoplastic Chaboche and Bodner-Partom formulation is carried out using tensile tests only. The determination of the Bodner-Parton law is quite easy. The parameter study for the Chaboche law usually requires carrying out strain-controlled cyclic tests. In this work, we propose supporting this type of experiments by numerical simulations. A set of parameters for each fomulation is identified for steel, and is used to calculate the dynamic behaviour of circular plates. The results are compared with the experimental date on steel plates.
mots clés Identification, viscoplasticity, dynamics, circular plate, tensile test, cyclic loading
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