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Experimental investigation of the vibration of a slotted and a non-slotted plates and the acoustic field in a plane impinging jet

type de publication      communication sans actes
date de publication 2012
auteur(s) Assoum Hassane; Sakout Anas; Abed-Meraïm Kamel; Alia Ahlem
conférence EURONOISE 2012
     dates de 10-06-2012 à 13-06-2012
     lieu Prague, République Tchèque
résumé Impinging jets are encountered in many industrial applications such as the VMC ventilation where the generated noise by these jets is of high interest fundamentally and should be reduced or suppressed. The vortex dynamics and the interaction between the vortical structures and the impinging wall should be understood in order to control the aero-acoustic coupling between the shear layer oscillation and the acoustic modes (self-sustained tones). Several parameters influence these phenomena such as the Reynolds number and the plate to nozzle distance. In this study, a plane jet issuing from a rectangular nozzle and impinging a plate (two cases, a slotted and a nonslotted plates) is considered for Re = 3900 and Re = 14300. Both the sound pressure level and the vibration of the impinged plate are obtained using a microphone and accelerometers, respectively. In each case, the spectra of the vibration of the plate and the acoustic field are presented for the slotted and the non-slotted plates. The present results evidenced that the self-sustained tones generated in the case of a slotted plate are responsible of the plate vibration at well-defined frequencies.
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