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Homogenized nonlinear constitutive law using fourier series expansion

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 1998
auteur(s) Pruchnicki Erick
journal (abréviation) International Journal of Solids and Structures (INT J SOLIDS STRUCT)
volume (numéro) 35(16)
pages 1998 – 0
résumé This work is concerned with modeling the nonlinear homogenized elastoplastic behavior of a composite comprised of a periodic microstructure under small deformation conditions. A Fourier series approach is used in solving the integral equation [called the periodic Lippmann-Schwinger's equation, Kröner, E. (1972) Statistical Continuum Mechanics, p. 110. Springer, Wi which governs the micromechemical behavior of the composite material. The nonlinear behavior of fibrous composite is approximated by discretizing the unit cell into subregions in which microplastic strain tensor is assumed to be constant. The method is applied to the case where the individual constituents are elastic-perfectly plastic Von-Miles materials. The elastoplastic homogenized law is used to analyze the behavior of a fibrous boron/aluminum metal-matrix composite under various loading paths.
mots clés composite, homogenized, nonlinear
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