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A critical review of some damage models with unilateral effect

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2002
auteur(s) Cormery Fabrice; Welemane Hélène
journal Mechanics Research Communications
volume (numéro) 29 (5)
pages 391 – 395
résumé The concern here is the macroscopic modeling of the brittle damage unilateral effect (due to the opening-closure of microcracks). Several formulations have been proposed in recent years to solve the problems pointed out by Chaboche (Int. J. Damage Mech. 1 (1992) 148). In this paper; we examine precisely two of these new formulation (Int. J. Damage Mech. 2 (1993) 311; Int. J. Damage Mech. 5 (1996) 384) and show that they still exhibit some major inconsistencies.
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