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Discrete optimization of rigid rotor balancing

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2013
auteur(s) Messager Tanguy; Pyrz Marius
journal (abréviation) Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (J Mech Sci Tech)
volume (numéro) 27 (8)
pages 2231 – 2236
résumé This work deals with the discrete optimization problem of rotor two-plane balancing. The best balancing configuration is searched for two discrete parameters: allowed standard masses and predefined angular positions on the balancing planes. The objective is to minimize the residual unbalancing effects (such as reactions in supports) thanks to an optimal location of several accurately selected masses on each balancing plane. The corresponding optimization problem is solved using genetic algorithm. A simple model of a rigid rotor mounted on rigid supports is investigated in numerical examples. The optimization efficiency and the influence of the number of applied balancing masses are discussed. The experimental tests have validated the developed balancing approach.
mots clés Balancing; Discrete optimization; Genetic algorithm; Rigid rotor
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