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Dynamic study of a wind turbine blade with horizontal axis

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2001
auteur(s) Younsi Rachid; El-Batanony Ismail; Tritsch Jean-Bernard; Naji Hassan; Landjerit Bernard
journal Euroopean Journal of Mechanics A/Solids
volume (numéro) 20 (2)
pages 241 – 252
résumé The study of the dynamic behavior of a wind turbine with horizontal axis can be undertaken by various methods of analysis. The effects of the change of the aerodynamic flow (in the steady and unsteady cases), the variation of parameters of the cinematic movement (angle of attack, pitch angle and yaw angle) and the definition of subsystems characteristics that makes the wind turbine (blade, nacelle and pylon) allow one to characterize the structural dynamic behavior of the wind turbine. It is therefore necessary to develop these items. Once this is done, the structural dynamic behavior of the system can be improved. The term ‘improve' means the increase of the life duration by mastering the fatigue effects and the reduction of cost without sacrificing the aerodynamic output. The present study aims to examine the behavior of the blade, which is the main part of the wind turbine in that it that transmits forces to all other parts of the structure. The model is based on the theory of three-dimensional beams, under the assumption of variable sections of the type NACA 4415 airfoil, and takes into account membrane, transversal shear, flexion and free torsion effects. With regards to the aerodynamic loads (the lift, the drag and the pitching moment), a validation has been undertaken by considering experimental data and numerical results obtained by a CFD code (Fluent). The forces are obtained by means of a parametric CAD method interpolation of the aerodynamic poles by Bézier patch under geometrical constraints solved by a Simplex type algorithm. The emphasis is put on dynamic aspects by a complete processing of the dynamic equilibrium equation, applied to the wind turbine blade with horizontal axis.
mots clés finite elements method / dynamic of structures / Newmark method / beam theory / aerodynamic efforts / gust of wind / Bézier surfaces
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