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Gas Migration through COx Claystone and Implications for Self-Healing

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 10-07-2013
auteur(s) Davy Catherine A.; Skoczylas Frédéric; Talandier Jean
conférence 5th Biot Conference on Poromechanics
     dates de 10-07-2013 à 12-07-2013
     lieu Vienne, Autriche
     nom des actes Proceedings of the 5th Biot Conference on Poromechanics, ASCE Publisher
pages 1615 – 1624
ISBN / ISSN 978-0-7844-1299-2
résumé The originality of this contribution is to evidence the nature of progressive pas- sage through initially macro-cracked and water-saturated (i.e. self-sealed) COx claystone of given thickness (9.5 to 30mm), by using a mix of gases detected on the sample downstream side by a mass spectrometer accurate to 2-5ppm. We show that gas passage occurs. First, by discontinuous capillary passage, i.e. snap-off, followed by continuous breakthrough (i.e. permeation) whether the upstream pressure value is increased or not. Upstream gas pressure kinetics are key to observing gas passage.
mots clés gas migration, claystone, snap off, self-sealing, self-healing
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