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Influences of Mineralogy and Water Content on the Mechanical Properties of Argillite

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2014
auteur(s) Hu Dawei; Zhang Fan; Shao Jian-Fu; Gatmiri Behrouz
journal (abréviation) Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Rock Mech Rock Eng)
volume (numéro) 47 (1)
pages 157 – 166
résumé Callovo-Oxfordian (Cox) argillite was investigated in the context of feasibility studies for an underground repository for nuclear waste. In this study, the influence of mineralogical composition and water content on the mechanical properties of the Cox argillite was investigated. The samples were drilled from three representative depths at which the rock formations have different mineralogical compositions. Micro-indentation and mini-compression tests were performed on samples with different water contents. The elastic and failure properties of argillite were determined and were found to be related to the mineralogical composition and water content. Both the elastic modulus and strength decrease with increasing clay and water contents.
mots clés Argillite Claystone Unsaturated rocks Mineralogy Water content Micro-indentation
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