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Influence of pre-cracking over water desorption in cement pastes and mortars

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type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 2009
auteur(s) Rougelot Thomas; Burlion Nicolas; Skoczylas Frédéric
conférence NUCPERF 2009
     dates de 30-03-2009 à 02-04-2009
     lieu Cadarche, France
     nom des actes NUCPERF 2009 - Long Term Performance of Cementitious Barriers and Reinforced Concrete in Nuclear Power Plants and Waste Management
pages 125 – 133
ISBN / ISSN 978-2-35158-072-1
résumé Concrete structures are generally submitted to stresses and strains that can lead to cracks and durability issues. The aim of this paper is to propose an experimental set-up to determine to what extent the kind of pre-cracking influences the water desorption of cement pastes and mortars. Two methods to generate cracks are used. The first one consists in damaging prismatic specimens by three-point bending. This leads to a so called localiz thmacrocracks,f kind of pre-cracking i4e.niu,lseur(s)mnaed endetween 10metho80 mif pmxtengenFoylast nd specest onstudied: thund, 1, 3metho7d of pre-cr paper seng dte cracre used. rstods per obnS